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Murray's Mills
St Peter's

Heritage Lottery Fund projects:
'Murrays' Mills and St Peter's, Ancoats, Manchester

When ABPT first became involved in Ancoats in 1995, Murrays' Mills had been a 'cause celèbre' in Manchester's conservation circles for over twenty years due to the buildings' historic importance and their desperate structural condition. St Peter's had been a sad sight since the 1960s when it closed for worship and then experienced inappropriate temporary uses followed by vandalism and an outbreak of rampant dry rot.

In 2000-03, £655,000 (£488,000 from the HLF and the remainder 'cocktailed' from English Heritage, Architectural Heritage Fund and Northwest Development Agency grants) enabled ABPT to work up proposals for the repair of the Murrays' Mill complex and restoration of St Peter's to a stage where the funders could assess major grant applications. This led to the following major grant awards:

  • £905,000 from the HLF funding to complete the restoration of St. Peter's
  • Gap funding grant of £704,000 for St Peter's from the Northwest Development Agency (NWDA)
  • £7.164 million from the HLF for the repair of Murrays' Mills
  • £4.724m in gap funding from the NWDA for the shell repair of Murrays' Mills
  • An NWDA Project Management award to ABPT to help with the staff and office costs associated with managing these projects

St Peter's

ABPT's restoration of the shell and tower of St Peter's, undertaken in 1998-99 with English Heritage and Eastside Regeneration (SRB) grants of nearly £500,000, gave rise to the building being nick-named the 'Beacon of Hope' for the regeneration of Ancoats. It was seen as a catalyst for other building refurbishment projects, encouraging developers to become interested in the area, and engendered civic pride in the local resident and business community. The £1.5 million second phase restoration involved repairs to the external fabric of the church, re-roofing of the aisles which received only temporary coverings in 1999, insertion of a new structural ground floor, reinstatement of original windows and doors, recreation of the lost nave and aisle ceilings and reinstatement of the former external paving and railings. This work started on site in July 2004 and was completed in June 2006.

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Murrays' Mills

As the oldest mill complex standing in Manchester, associated with the development of the use steam engines to power spinning mules and the urbanisation of the industrial revolution, the Murrays' Mills buildings are of international significance. ABPT's HLF project has returned the mills to a structurally sound and watertight condition, and involved re-roofing, masonry repairs and cleaning, truss and beam end repairs, below ground stabilisation and the installation of over 700 new windows. Finally the extensive canal basin has been re-excavated in the mill courtyard. The buildings are now ready for conversion to viable new uses, hopefully permitting a good deal of public access. A private sector partner for the fit out works has being selected through a widely-advertised quality-assessment competition and is currently in the process of developing a scheme to be submitted for Listed Building Consent. ABPT's project started on site in September 2004 and was completed in August 2006. The developer's conversion will be phased over three years.

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